Love saves the world

As feedback, I have received a myth that it is couples with relationship problems who come to lingam and yoni massage training. That's not true!

What is true is that people who come to my training are those who want to consciously love and share this Love sincerely, purely, and unconditionally! The art of touch is the most beautiful art that makes the soul strings of every man and woman ring.

In most homes, the subject of intimacy and closeness belongs somewhere in the dark and under the covers and is not talked about in public. Fortunately, however, words such as life energy, balance, and being present have come into use more and more in society. It is well known in the Oriental world that a large part of life energy is sexual energy. It is the sexual energy that determines how lively, happy, sharp, or vicious we are. The Western world is also slowly rediscovering the thousand-year-old wisdom, practices, and pleasures of the Orient, which in that culture are a guarantee of youth. My wish is that these ancient pearls of wisdom of the Orient spread more boldly in our society; therefore, I have made it my mission to change the world for the better through Love and touch by reviving ancient practices.

With love, trainer Epp Kärsin

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